In the spotlight – Q&A

The aged care industry is often in the spotlight in Australian news and can carry quite a negative stigma. 

With the number of people requiring some form of aged care set to double in Australia by the year 2050, Australia needs to take a look inside the industry more than ever.

Behind the negative stigma attached to aged care, is the wonderful and untold stories of incredible care, warmth and connection between staff and residents. 

But how do we combat that nations lack of understanding of the aged care industry and give a voice to those positive stories and examples of outstanding professional care?

By speaking to those on the frontlines.

Vanessa Langley is a Lifestyle Coordinator at a leading aged care provider in Australia, Estia Health Hope Valley.

Take a listen to this short Q&A, where Vanessa talks about what her role as a Lifestyle Coordinator is and how quality care, choice and dignity are her teams’ priorities in providing care to residents.

Vanessa Langley, Estia Health Hope Valley interviewed by Elise Graham