5 Life Lessons

If you are a reader of this blog, I am sure you are aware by now that I am quite fond of my volunteering role and consider the residents that I spend time with, as some pretty cool friends.

These are the ladies and gentlemen who were schoolteachers and seamstress’ to military personnel, each one of my friends has lived a pretty incredible life. 

And as my motto goes, “lives well lived are stories worth hearing” … and learning from.

Here are 5 invaluable lessons I have been endowed with:

  1. “Step outside your comfort zone, there is no point getting to my age and wishing there was something that you had done, just do it.” – Shirley Grey, Brain Injury Unit nurse, traveller, wife and mother
  2. “Always be looking to learn something new, no matter what age, it’s how we keep on keeping on.” – Mary Walters, age 95, dressmaker, painter, carer, mother and much more.
  3. “Do as much as you can and travel as much as you can, because it just broadens your horizons.” – Margaret Smith, age 95, passionate traveller, wife, mother, quantity surveyor and in a long-term relationship with books.
  4. “Get an education, in my day education wasn’t valued for women, and it is just so important to take advantage of what you can do now.” – Ness Leal, age 95, Women’s Auxiliary Australian Air Force, wife/War Widow, mother, ballroom dancer, “Old Nan”.
  5. “You don’t need much in life, other than the ability to give to others.” – Brian Richards, age 88, pharmacist, a life’s worth of work committed to a Christian Mission, father and loving husband.